Open Hours of City Government Mon - Fri: 8.00 am - 6.00 pm

Qualifications for membership:

  • Honest, fearless, philanthropic and motivated by social responsibility, and willing to work selflessly. And those who think that after death there will be accountability for evil deeds and good recompense for good deeds with the Great Creator.
  • Those who themselves do not destroy the human rights and rights of others and try to do good and refrain from doing evil.
  • Those who have the mentality and personality to speak or protest against any authority or powerful person/ institution for any kind of violation of human rights.
  • Those who cherish and hold personal values and professional values separately and believe in the freedom of expression of others as well as whose mouth, hand and pen are helpful and safe for others.
  • In the case of formation of branch committees, these committees should have representation of various professions irrespective of party, opinion, religion, caste, men and women. However, if the representation of law and journalism professions is proportionally higher, it will be good for the activities of the said committee.
  • Be willing to work with unwavering trust and faith in the aims, objectives and ideals of the Human Rights Bureau.
  • There should be a mindset and perspective to work impartially, being aware of compassion and responsibility towards people, above the political point of view.

To form the branch committee in accordance with the rules and structure of Bureau of Human Rights Bangladesh, the people of the above- mentioned levels will organize a meeting spontaneously and get together on the basis of discussion among themselves in the first stage, one convener, 2/3 joint conveners, 1 member secretary, 1/2 joint member secretaries, 1 each Organisation, Finance, Publicity and Office Secretaries to nominate a Convening Committee of any number of 31 or more members and to advise and assist the said Convening Committee. This committee with any number of advisers and sponsors should be sent to the Secretary General of the Bureau of Human Rights Bangladesh at the above address for approval. And those who want to become members of various types of such as life members, donor members, associate members, volunteer members, legal aid members including students and others can also contact the center through various committees or separately. (All members will be enrolled and issued a 4 color attractive ID card along with giving special certificates and honors to Life and Donor members). It is possible to establish people’s rights and human rights by stopping all kinds of injustice, oppression, and torture from the society through the collective efforts of all. For this purpose, I invite everyone to work together as members of the Bureau of Human Rights Bangladesh. It is undeniable that overall success depends on collective efforts. May the Most Merciful Creator help us all and grant us the opportunity to work in the service of humanity for salvation on the day of judgment.